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Emily’s passion for music started at childhood with her mom’s Bee Gees, Beatles, & Prince records and all of the early ’70s tunes played on her parents radio 24–7. She sang her way through school choirs and 12 years of piano lessons and in college met the musical mentors who would change her life.

From there she joined forces singing lead and backup for some of Boulder Colorado’s finest folk and rock musicians, playing gigs in Boulder, Denver and various mountain towns. Upon returning to Minneapolis in 2000, she found additional roles with Bluesman Tom Hunter, Funk/Jazz player John Starkey and Gina Frances of Orange Whip.

With an invitation from Brose in 2004, she began singing lead for The Emily Marrs Band, performing her favorite genre of music, classic rock. Emily’s vocal prowess yields soulful and gritty dynamics, often resembling the likes of female rock legends like Chrissie Hynde, Janis Joplin and Susan Tedeschi. Her influences also include Robert Plant, Rebecca Folsom, Pamela McNeill, Bonnie Raitt, Brandi Carlile, and Dave Grohl.



John Brose has been a fan of the music world as long as he can remember, not only of rock gods like Neil Young, Jimi Hendrix, Stephen Stills and John Lennon, but a staunch supporter of old school Minneapolis talent such as The Phones, The Flaming Oh’s and Curtis A.; the latter in fact who John sat in with at the beginning of his musical career. John’s dedication to his instrumentation is admirable and one to be respected. Having taken up the guitar later in life, Brose immediately demonstrated his natural affinity for the instrument and devoted application of learned theory to this great love of his. These unique qualities have helped shape his savvy licks and foundational rhythmic chording for the band. The original founder of our group, Dr. Brose is also a prominent psychologist and lecturer in the community, avid sailboat racer, owns horses, loves time in Florida, and of course, being a rock star in his free time!



Tim's dad played guitar in a band and he grew up listening to music everyday. His early influences were Elvis Presley, Motown and Doo-wop. Tim got his first drum set at the tender age of 6 and never stopped playing. He drove his parents nuts most times, but he continued playing. When he came home from school everyday, he jumped on the drums and forgot about everything else. He and his friends started a band in the basement at the age of 9 and he knew right then and there he would never put the sticks down. At 14, he played for a live audience for the first time and never stopped giving audiences the best of what he had. Tim went on to play with bands such as: Lifestyles, Susie and the Studmuffins, The Law Band, 28IF, The Deep Fried Tweeters, and numerous other bands. Tim continues to have a love for music such as: Steely Dan, Dream Theater, Incognito and many more.



One-half of our rock-solid rhythm section, Kyle lays down bass lines from the fat and funky to the frenetic and furious. He's a long time member of Northern Minnesota rock legends Centerville All Stars. In addition, Kyle spent a few years on the jazz scene with acclaimed unit Stash as well as other outstanding jazz artists. He also happens to make the best Italian spaghetti in the universe.



Jim's life in music began with playing the clarinet in grade school thru college. During high school, he picked up a garage sale guitar and began teaching himself to play it, leading to his lifetime obsession with the instrument. This obsession led him to attend lutherie school to learn to build and repair instruments, as well continually working on improving his own playing. He has a wide range of influences ranging from bluesmen like Robert Johnson, B.B. King, and Stevie Ray Vaughn to classic rock icons such as Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, and Alvin Lee to shredders like Steve Vai and Joe Satriani to acoustic wizard Tommy Emanuel. Thru the years he has been in many bands including Yeti, Dusted Enuff, and My Drunk Uncle before bringing his versatile guitar playing and unique stage presence to the Emily Marrs band.

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